Fresh Blue Esra Hammam Havlu Is Off to Croatia with Sarah Ann

The team at Hammam Havlu love the blog written by Sarah Ann.  A girl who loves the things that we do... baking, eating out and travelling.  She also posts a pretty Instagram

We were so thrilled with her write up on her Holiday Haul for a trip to Croatia and Fresh Blue Esra Hammam Havlu featured in every picture.  A girl who travels and totally gets how versatile our towels are.  Here's what she blogged:

Quick Sarah Story here, a few weeks ago I picked up a Stylist Magazine, like I do every Tuesday on my way home from work. I was flicking through the what you need to buy type pages and found a towel. The towel was from Hammam Havlu, in the description they explained it's a towel as absorbent as a normal towel but thinner and it was like the sun shone through the clouds and the angels sang because it was just what I needed. We're only taking hand luggage on our 10 day trip so I need to keep everything as light as possible. I am so thrilled with this because I was so worried my beach towel would take up half my bloody case but this is perfect AND SO GORGEOUS! Literally the most photogenic towel I ever did see.

Penelope Cook

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