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HAMMAM HAVLU is a hammam towel brand from Hertfordshire with strong Turkish roots.  We are the UK's first dedicated ethical hammam towel brand.

Each item we sell is unique and created with a respect and love of the Turkish culture and an appreciation of the local community in Denizli from where we source our towels.

We love simple and natural products crafted using authentic techniques with designs and colours relevant for today’s modern lifestyle.

Designed in the UK, our towels are woven by a small family run business in Denizli, Turkey that have been making hammam towels for over fifty years.

We will only ever use only 100% finest Turkish cotton for all our hammam towels. 

Hammam Havlu towels are lightweight, super absorbent and quick drying.  They have a multitude of uses from practical beach towels, sarongs and scarves as well as easy to carry picnic blankets.  A versatile addition to any home: a stylish bath towel, pretty throw or tablecloth.  A quick drying and easy to carry towel to take to the gym or yoga class.  Hammam towels also make a great wrap or blanket for baby.

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