Tips for Care

Care for your Hammam Havlu towel and it will give you years of endless use – just follow these simple washing instructions.

We recommend a gentle cycle using cold or warm water and at least two washes before use to ensure maximum absorbency.

Please do not use fabric softener as it may decrease absorbancy.

Shake you towels before air-drying in the shade for best results.  Using a tumble dryer could cause damage and harden the towel

 All tassels on Hammam Havlu towels are hand knotted and may with use may begin to unravel. These can be easily knotted by making two sections and twisting each section clockwise until fully twisted. Then, take each section and wrap them around each other in an anti-clockwise direction until fully twisted around each other. Simply finish the process by tying at knot at the end.


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