Hammam at Home

 One of the most valuable features of our Hammam towels is their versatility and they have a multitude of uses far beyond the beach. Discover how you can decorate your home with Hammam Havlu.


Our Hammam's can be used as a practical tablecloth adding an elegant and timeless touch to any table. Their flat-weave makes our Hammams easy to wash, and super quick to dry, leaving last night’s mess tidied up in no time.



Due to being so absorbent our hammams make great bathroom towels. They absorb as much water as a normal towel, but dry much quicker and they also take up very little space. Plus, they get softer as you wash them.



Our hammams can even be used as beautiful bed throws. It's the perfect all-year-round solution to adding a splash of colour to your bedroom, and is equally as effective thrown over the sofa to snuggle up with on cold days.


When it's time for a Hammam revamp, it's not necessary to completely depart from your old Hammams. Lightweight and compact they make practical and stylish picnic mats; easy to squash into your handbag, For all the animal lovers out there, our pets are definitely competing on the fashion playground nowadays, so why not use your hammam to protect your messy puppy from the sofa and make your living room look sophisticated at the same time.  

Megan Smith

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