Reasons to love your Hammam Havlu

The hammam towel trend is rapidly becoming something we’re all talking about; from jet-setters, mums, daughters, husbands and boyfriends we’re all appreciating the convenience of this versatile flat-weave. So it’s time I passed on what it is all about and why we love our hammam towels so much.

Far from becoming obsolete, the hammam towel is now enjoying a revival well beyond the confines of the Turkish Bathhouses, making it the perfect lightweight alternative to the terry towels we’re all used to. The flat-weave design of our hammams makes them ideal for us jet-setters, not only are they small enough to fit perfectly into tiny hand-luggage. But they retain their high absorption capacity and are fast drying. Perfect for if you want to have that last minute dip in the pool!

Adding very little weight to your case, they easily fit into a small weekend bag leaving plenty of space for those extra pieces you just cannot leave behind. A lower weight and less bulk has a big impact on transport cost, additionally with the less water used for washing and speedy drying, hammam towels are extremely eco-friendly. If this isn’t enough to convince you, read the blog written by Sarah Ann, who took her hammam to Croatia and Valencia!

Hammams are robust, durable and soft so we have discovered a world of uses way beyond the confines of a functional bath/beach towel. I have used the ‘Indigo/Red Feza’ to add a splash of colour as a beautiful blanket in the living room. Bed throws and tablecloths are a bloggers favourite, perfect for impressing your guests this Christmas! More importantly, when it’s time to treat yourself to a new beautiful design, but you cannot face parting with your old hammam just yet, they can be reused to make charming rugs.

For the benefit of the mummies out there, it is worth noting the significantly less allergens that get trapped in a hammam towel in comparison to the traditional loop constructions of terry towels. As a result, your hammam is not only easier and prettier than terry towels, it is ideal for any allergy sufferers or suitable as baby blankets or wraps.  

For those of us who appreciate a pretty Instagram, well in this modern age; if it’s not a priority of most of us, we sure do take the time to admire them. Our hammam towels have beautiful intricate designs, and come in a variety of colours, it certainly is no surprise they’re popping up over our Instagram’s. Take a look at Gwennan picturesque Instagram, she fell in love with her Jade Taze Hammam after it survived a one-year old at a picnic!

Time for a little retail therapy, these are THE new necessity; our towels are due an upgrade.





Megan Smith

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