The Dolly Mail #15 Indigo Esra Hammam Havlu Got Her First Press

What a huge honour to get our first PR coverage with the talented and influential writer Dolly Alderton  Dolly writes for some of my favourite magazines and newspapers and for her to love our brand meant so much.  Get your beautiful Indigo Esra Hammam Havlu from our online store.

Dolly loved the Indigo Esra and so do we.  

As soon as we saw the first samples we knew this would be our signature towel.  Simple and elegant in design but a great colour vehicle.  We decided there and then that we needed a palette of colours.  I wanted to offer a rainbow of colours but launching a new brand is costly and the budget allowed for five!  We think we have offered a colour to appeal to all our customers for launch and Esra also comes in Smoke Grey, Pink, Paprika and Fresh Blue.  

Beautiful quality, ethically sourced.


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